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Lenzbuy is riding the tide of digital enhancements, keeping up with the trends to provide the best eyewear for your best look. With decades of experience on our backs, we’re here to take eyewear to a whole new level! Our exclusive purpose is to provide you with stellar, durable and top-notch eyewear which checks all the boxes.



To have a positive influence in the Eye Care and Optical Industry. Serving one another by being a faithful steward of what is entrusted to us. 



Catering to the basic needs of vision to kickstart a digital transformation in eyewear while being a humble visionary that brings solutions within the proximity of the consumer.




Customer-Centric Business model. While the whole world designs a product in order to find its way to reach the consumer, at, we consider the customer’s point of view. Understanding the basic needs of the current time is necessary to design our business model and products so that we can cater to the needs of the consumers and satisfy them with every product and service we offer.


We put ourselves into your shoes to gain a better understanding of your position, to empathise rather than sympathise with the situation, where we use the relevant information to serve the specific necessities of the consumer.


While all the products are categorized as good, better and best, at, we want to eliminate the lower part to tailor a better fit and offer only the best solutions. Our reach will extend to consumers of every age and need, where affordability will not be a constraint when it comes to buying and using our products.


Our 48 years of experience in the optical industry will serve as a reassurance of responsible stewardship of what has been entrusted to us. The many years of our experience have refined our process, where we present as a serving model rather than a selling model.


A journey without a destination is a nightmare. At, we aim to think beyond only focusing on selling our products, bridging the gap between the technology, the expertise and the critical needs of the optical industry. We plan to pave the way for a future in the digital age.

We have the foresight for your eyesight!



Our family has invested and thrived in this field with vast experience in frames manufacturing, lenses manufacturing and dispensing the spectacles, starting the optical business in 1973. Since then, we have explored the dynamics of this industry, spoken its language and understood the demographics of every invention and improvement in this field.

More than 48 years of experience in this industry has provided us with stewardship status – to serve those in need of spectacles by understanding their needs and providing an overall solution. In terms of their specific requirement of frames, lenses, coating and features of the lenses, we guide them to choose the right one that best suits their facial features, profession and nature of usage.

We wish to cater to a wide range of users across the globe, where the generations are moving towards the digital age. From using conventional spectacles that correct their eyesight, to E-glasses and smart glasses that integrate IR and AR into the spectacles, has something for everyone. We understand the current needs for eyecare and serve with a sense of urgency.

Our approach is customer-centric. We do not throw unreasonable discounts and rebates, understanding the needs of the customer and the value of our custom-fit lenses and frames. Hence, providing them with the best service that does not cease at the time of sales is the essence of our business, ensuring that this legacy is passed down through generations and generations.