04 August 2022

Blulenz Ultra® Lenses - A Healthy Digital Life

Do you rub your eyes frequently, feel the strain in your eye as you sit for hours in front of the screen? Does your job demand that you keep piercingly look at the screen?

Covid has altered our lifestyle completely. The work from home culture has forced us to spend countless hours in gazing at the laptop screen. Studies have shown that exposure to screens over long period can lead to difficulty in focusing, blurry vision, headaches, dry and itching eyes.

Blulenz Ultra® Advantage

Additional Protection

Blulenz Ultra® by Lenzbuy provide full UV Protection. Providing 38% additional protection, it blocks potentially harmful and irritating blue light.

Easy on the eye

The increasingly digital world forces us to stare at the screen for long hours, Blulenz Ultra® cut the harmful blue light making digital eye strain a thing of the past.

Less reflection

Blulenz Ultra® cuts reflection of the digital blue light. You can wear your glasses with confidence that you are not only protected but looking awesome.

How does blue light protection glasses work?

We are surrounded by blue light that emanates from laptop screen, mobiles and even the non-descript light bulb. Human eye cannot block blue light, over exposure to blue light leads to eye strain and headaches. Blulenz Ultra® block the blue light part of the blue light spectrum that is potentially harmful.

Lenzbuy’s Blulenz Ultra® The Ultimate Blue Light Blocking Lens

Blulenz Ultra® is coated with a special filter that blocks blue light.

Our proprietary technology in now integrated in the chemical treatment and manufacturing of every Lenzbuy lenses. Our lenses block even the harmful blue light from the sun. This allows you to see better even in the brightest days.

How do our customer feel about Blulenz Ultra®?

97% Of Customers feel satisfied with the clarity of Blulenz Ultra®

95% Of Customers feel less digital eye strain after wearing Blulenz Ultra®

97% Of Customers felt their eyes were less tired after wearing Blulenz Ultra®

Range of Blulenz Ultra®

Blulenz Ultra® Comes in two variants, One is Blulenz Pro® and Blulenz Ultra® these lenses are suitable for all ages and every kind of glasses including zero power and glasses with power.

Experience the best lenses available only at Lenzbuy.com. As invitation pricing we are offering Blulenz Pro® free when you buy an eye frame.