Model No: Dailies aqua comfort plus-30 Pack

Dailies aqua comfort plus



Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses and offer Blink-activated moisturizing Molecule technology for refreshing comfort with every blink. Triple moisture contains three comfort agents (HPMC, PEG & PVA) to kee your eyes refreshing and comfortable on start.


Model No: Dailies aqua comfort plus-30 Pack
Brand Name: Alcon
Disposability: Daily
Base Curve: 8.7mm
CL Lens Material: Nelfilcon A
CL Pack Size: 30 Pack
CL Category: Hydrogel
CL CT: 0.10 mm
CL Cylinder Powers: 30 Pack
CL Plano Colors: Clear
CL Power Colors: Clear
CL Prescription: Spherical
CL UV Blocking: No
CL Water Content: 69%

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