Model No: Soflens Toric-1 Pack

Soflens Toric



Bausch + Lomb Soflens contact lenses give you the confidence to take a chance and go for that dream. They are comfortable, low-maintenance and flexible, so that you are free to keep your focus on working towards achieving your dreams. So, aim high as we make sure you see better, and hence, live better.


Model No: Soflens Toric-1 Pack
Brand Name: Bausch+Lomb
Disposability: Monthly
Base Curve: 8.5 mm
CL Lens Material: Alphafilicon A
CL Pack Size: 1 Pack
CL Category: Hydrogel
CL CT: 0.195 mm
CL Cylinder Powers: 1 Pack
CL Diameter: 14.5 mm
CL Plano Colors: Clear
CL Power Colors: Clear
CL Prescription: Toric
CL Water Content: 66%

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