22 September 2021

7 Frames Trends For Men That You Need To Look Out For!

The eyes are the windows to the soul, or so the common saying goes. But what are the windows to your eyes? If you guessed your glasses, you’d be right!

Stylish men's glasses are more accessible than ever It's never been easier to find men's glasses styles that fit your personality and way of life. Technical improvements have added new levels of comfort and durability, and when it comes to eyeglass styles, the sky's the limit.

Think of your specs as your finishing touch, your most important accessory. After all, your glasses are the first thing people see when they look at your eyes.

With over 4 billion people in the world needing glasses, it’s no surprise that great pains get taken to ensure those frames are fashionable. So, if you want to keep your vision clear and your style sharp, check out these seven sweet men’s glasses trends for 2021!

Here are 7 trends in men's glasses that can complete your look and get you noticed in the best way:

Basic Black (horn rims)

This is the eyewear style For an understated yet polished look, go for a matte black finish. These kind of frames are super thick in design with heavy nose bridge and heavy temples, plus a deep set lens for that oversized nerdy hipster vibe.

If you have high cheekbones, strong features and an oval face, you may find the robust lines of basic rectangular horn-rimmed glasses suit you.

Clear frames

Clear or see-through frames offer a great way to play around with big and bold glasses shapes without it feeling like your glasses are wearing you. The lack of colour gives people a clear view of your face and lets the shape accentuate your features rather than distract from them.

Darker versions of this frame cut a vivid line across the brow bone, dividing your face, but the clear frames have a more subtle effect, making this style accessible to round and square faces as well as oval.

Another major benefit of clear frames? They’ll go with any outfit, for any occasion, anywhere.

Dressing for your next business meeting? Clear frames provide some understated style points. Chilling at the house? You can enjoy your stylish frames without feeling overdressed.

Rimless frames

Rimless eyeglass frames help you keep the spotlight on your face and not on your frames. So, in case you have an inclination for the sweet and subtle look, go rimless.

Tortoiseshell frames

Tortoiseshell frames have a fraught history. Originating in the 1920s and once made from real tortoise shells, these frames kept their popularity through the 1970s when they made the switch to plastic construction.

The true beauty of tortoiseshell frames is that no two sets will look exactly alike, even when made by the same designer. This gives them the air of a fashion fingerprint.

You don’t have to stick with the classic look of browns to rock the trend either. There are tons of unique tortoiseshell colour combinations and patterns you can choose from to suit your personal style.

Aviator frames

It’s obvious that the history of aviator sunglasses doesn’t begin and end with Tom Cruise. If you look at the sunglasses throughout the movies in the 70s and 80s. It’s true when they say that the Classics never die. And the aviator eye frames are just one of those

While they keep the same silhouette as their older counterparts, they now come in a variety of trendy colours and materials to give them a spark of modern style and relevance. Modern aviators are also made from feather-light materials to give you the shape without the weight the old frames once had. This makes them a perfect blend of nostalgic and contemporary trends in men’s glasses.

Retro Rounds and Boxes

The seventies are back! In interior design, fashion, and eyeglasses trends, the 1970s and all its styles are seeing a huge resurgence. Retro-style round frames and boxy wire-rims have become major men’s glasses trends for the year.

Simple gold wires will channel the classic style, but you can get them in a variety of materials and tones to suit modern sensibilities. Round frames are trendy and fun, but if you have a round face, it might be better to opt for their boxy cousins.

Eco-friendly frames

Millennials are driving the trend for sustainable specs. ECO frames, in particular, are known for their innovative earth-friendly construction.

Investing in green materials is crucial to averting climate disasters, and many buyers, young and old, value the idea of staying stylish while saving the environment.

Whether you purchase glasses made from recycled plastics or buy from a brand that gives to charity with each purchase, you can find ways to give back to the planet and the global community while preserving your vision.

Now that you have an idea about the current men’s glasses trends, you might wonder which ones you should invest in. The biggest thing you need to know when deciding what frames to purchase is your face shape. Rounder and thicker frames may not work on a rounder and thicker face, and thinner frames can seem too small on a large face.

Only you know which glasses are perfect for you, and you'll know the perfect pair when you see them.

Are boxy wire frames where you're leaning? Or would you prefer basic black horn rims?

Take a moment to chat with the professionals before you decide which style you want to purchase.